Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just did a really cool kind of project for a friend.  Her sister's 40th birthday is just around the corner and she wanted to give her a special gift. She approached me with the idea of taking a photo of her sister and doing something similar to the Andy Warhol Marilyn's Prints. I couldn't resist helping a friend and I thought it might be a fun challenge.  I started with this photo...

Then, based on budget and effect, we decided on a 24 x 24 size canvas and thought a 4-square design would be the right impact for our canvas.  Can you tell which four squares of Marilyn she picked?

By the way! I am still taking submissions for my February Love Campaign at ArtsyCanvasGirl Designs...

Yep, ArtsyCanvasGirl Designs is offering photo editing, stylization and typography services on any digital image for FREE for the month of February. A perfect way to show my love!

Submission Guidelines:
How does this work you might say?  Submit your favorite photo -- any photo that you would like to turn into an heirloom, a piece of art or a "just want to see what you can do with this" kind of project.  ArtsyCanvasGirl designs will transform your photo to a unique piece of art. You will receive a digital image that you can do as you wish.  Post it on your Facebook account, print it yourself or at any photolab, use it for scrapbooking, post it on your blog.  Whatever makes your heart sing!  AND, if you decide you really, really love the final results and would like it printed onto canvas or as a print, ArtsyCanvasGirl Designs holds pro accounts with the finest photolabs in the country and can hook you up.

How do you submit your photo?  Just send your image (300 dpi resolution works best if you plan to have it printed) along with your idea to ArtsyCanvasGirl@ymail.com.  In the event you have trouble describing what you want you can even send an example of an image that expresses the style you desire.  It's that simple. Really, just forward your photo along with a little imagination!  Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Love and blessings!

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