Friday, April 15, 2011

Letter Fashionista

I love typography...not sure why.  Just have always have.  I see them as art.  I have always loved drawing letters...doodling.  I would write characters and words a zillion times in a zillion different styles.  Just doodling.  There is something interesting in how one can express a word in a certain style that creates it own special meaning.  I've always been attracted to books and academia style.

Letter Fashionista
Letter Fashionista

Have you discovered Spoonflower?  Such a cool and fun site!  Any design you create can be printed onto fabric.  So cool!  It means you have total freedom to create anything!  Even the fabric you choose to use!  The potential is endless.  Spoonflower also creates a great environment to share.  You can view other people's design and make comments and send messages.  So it's a totally social and inspiring site.  They also have contests each week.  This week's contest is "Alphabet."  Take a peek at all the great designs!  If you like my design, I would love your vote!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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