Friday, July 9, 2010

Certified Crazy?

Maybe so... I am the featured deal this weekend at CertifiKid - a Washington DC based company that offers great savings to families in the DC area.  For this weekend only, I am offering a 12x16 photo canvas personalized with your favorite quote for $85 (includes shipping too! 41% discount - $144 value).  

It's my way of introducing myself and my product to the Washington DC area.  I think that Jamie Ratner, the founder of Certifikid, is offering great values to the families in her local community.  Known in her community after years of writing a successful Washington-area blog geared towards parents, and particularly moms, who are looking for a good deal and new things to try locally, Jamie believed that there was a local void that Certifikid could fill for the benefit of her readers and other Washington DC parents and parents-to-be.  Her blog has hundreds of daily readers who trust Jamie's advice on local events, restaurants, products, and services.  The reason they trust Jamie is because she is just like them -- a working mother of two trying to balance it all, provide for her kids, get an occasional evening alone with her husband, and always looking for a good bargain!

Jamie hopes that Certifikid will not be just a gateway between local businesses and her subscribers to make a single business transaction.  Her vision is for Certifikid to become an online playground for families in the Greater Washington area to build relationships with each other and local business that will last beyond the initial transaction.  She also expressed to me her desire to expand to other cities to provide the same kind of service. Especially during this economic downturn, I believe Certifikid provides a valuable resource!


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