Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daughter's Letter to Father

This recent piece of work strikes particularly close to my heart.  I was recently asked to do a canvas that would incorporate a father and daughter portrait with a beautifully written letter.  The very special letter was written by the daughter to her father for Father's Day...  And it was especially important to me because the father in the portrait is the special man in my life who I love and adore.  The canvas was to be a surprise gift and he had not received the letter as this point.  Needless to say, the beautifully written letter touched my heart...So with tears flowing, I began to work on the canvas.  With letter in hand, I received a photo that really captured the beauty of their relationship, but the snapshot was taken at a family event and the background and lighting was not the most ideal.  Here is the before and after results...

I love the final results!  By the way, Artsy Canvas Girl is partnering with Certifikid - a business formed by a Washington DC family to offer all that the DC area has to offer for families at majorly reduced prices.  I will be featured as the deal of the weekend starting this Friday and running through Sunday.  So, check out the unbelievable discount being offered.  Even if you are not in the DC area some of the deals offered at Certifikid are from businesses like mine that can provide their services to anywhere!  Isn't technology wonderful!  Love and Blessings!

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