Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bloggy Award -- Feeling the Love

My First Blog Award

I received an award for blogging!  Wow!  I am so honored! Thank you, Dawn (at Life Lines Journaling)! Her blog is so inspiring.  She focuses on the importance of journaling your life.  I think it's the best way to really discover yourself and it has very therapeutic benefits as well.  My heart sang when she noted my blog as "living her authentic self." What a great affirmation! So, here are the rules for receiving this award.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Pass the award along to at least 10 blogger's you think are fantastic
4) Contact the blogger's you picked and let them know about the award

Seven things about me:
1. My favorite drink is a chai latte.  I have one every morning and sometimes at bedtime...and then I may do an iced chai in the afternoon.  I like to try different chai teas and compare.  I'm kind of weird and serious about my chai. he he he
2. I graduated number one in my class in college -- in Computer Science of all things!  I don't know what I was thinking.  Me a geeky tech...guess I was still discovering myself.  Just goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to.
3. I absolutely love and adore my children.  They are definitely my biggest blessing from God! Huge!
4. My most favorite thing to do (for my 'me' time) is to take real up close pictures of flowers using my telephoto lens (Would love to get one of those fancy macro lenses).  I can spend hours doing it and it doesn't even matter if I show them to anyone.  There's some sort of peace and calmness -- it's like a connection with the divine when I am in that state of being.  I really feel a deep sense of joy -- a oneness with nature.
5. I am half japanese and half german-american.  My mother is a Nagasaki-bomb survivor.  In high school  I always felt awkward during discussions about WWII in history class.
6. My very favorite fragrance is called Pink Sugar.  It smells like cotton candy and makes me feel sweet.  I carry it with me in my handbag and sometimes I'll dab some on just to lift my spirits.  Love, love, love this fragrance.
7. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere -- the ultimate modern day Cinderella story.  I am a hopeless romantic and love romantic comedies.
Like the spectrum of a rainbow, there are so many wonderful blogs!  Here is list of blogs that inspire me everyday (in alphabetical order):
Envy My Cooking
Emily A Clark
Family and Life in Las Vegas
i heart faces
One Fine Wire
SewTamz Designs
The Girl Creative
The Lettered Cottage
The Paper Mama

Honorable mentions (because they have achieved classic status):


  1. Awe! Thanks! You brightened my day! :)

  2. Emily, you are very welcome! ...and Lynda, thank you so much!!!

  3. Hi Kathy--Thanks so much for including my blog. I'm honored :) And, it was fun to learn more about you.


  4. Thank you so much Kathy! I'm honored! :) Just got back from Chicago and found this.. what a treat. :)

  5. Awww... Thanks for responding Amanda! You've made my day! Speaking of treats. Loved your exposee on all the cupcakes! So yummy!!!