Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give a little kindness

A few years ago, I came across a website called the Daily Motivator.  I remember this moment because I was sitting in my closet (that was my pet name for my office at work).  I had reached a fairly high position in the corporate world with responsibilities of millions of dollars, yet I woke up each day to sit in an enclosed office with no window to the world.  I truly was NOT inspired and life seemed dull and unhappy.  I definitely was in survival mode.  It was crazy because I had, according to our society's expectations, everything you should want in life.  Anyway, I came across the The Daily Motivator website and what I read was amazing.  The wisdom and inspiration Ralph Marston shares in a very easy way was so uplifting, it inspired my spiritual search.  I remember feeling guilty to be on the web reading something that was not job-related and was spooked when my boss walked into my office.  Of course, I quickly exited the webpage and then got caught back up into my role and responsibilities and forgot all about that website.  I am an avid follower of the Lettered Cottage, and today Layla facebooked a link to today's post of the Daily Motivator.  It was crazy because it stirred in me a flashback and an amazing realization that my life has changed so dramatically.  Although by today's societal expectations, I may not be exactly successful...but to me, I've never been more happy and fulfilled and so 'me'.  Living authentically feels great!  So I took a little stroll around the Daily Motivator website today and what really caught my attention was this little video about kindness.  I know this message is true because I have actually experienced it!  Take a peek by clicking here.

In the spirit of Eat, Pray, Love -- one of my absolutely favorite reads of all time (probably because I was going through some very similar trials and tribulations as Elizabeth Gilbert when I came upon her wonderful book), I found this very interesting link offering to win a free mission trip to Africa.  I really believe life is suppose to be an amazing experience, so I have begun creating a list of things I want to experience in my lifetime.  When I saw this offer, I thought "wouldn't that be a great moment to experience!" I want to share this opportunity with you too!  Click on this link to enter! By the way, spending a few months in an ashram in India would be really cool too!

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  1. Good for you being true to yourself! I just gave you an award for your authenticity ~ stop by