Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Editing Fun | Fix It Friday #80

Happy Friday!  It's another fun morning at!  This week's photo challenge is a beautiful photo taken byJessica Paige from One Willow Boutique.  Love this shot!

My Edit

Jessica Paige's SOOC
Go take a look at all the amazing edits by the iheartfaces community!  Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful weekend! A forecast of snow and below zero temperatures for this weekend in Minnesota!

Love and blessings!


  1. There is nothing I love more than black and white with a touch of color. It's so incredibly beautiful. It does help that these girls are adorable though. Great chose in edits though.

    AubrieAnne @

  2. You did a beautiful job. I love the little bit of red peeking through. Nicely done.

  3. very unique edit...I love the colour you chose and the texture is great

  4. Beautifully done! This is one of my favorites!

  5. Thank you Ladies! I appreciate all of your comments!!!

  6. Thank you! What a huge compliment! I love your work!

  7. I so love this, Kathy! Love the tones, the touch of color, and the texture! Awesome job, and well done! And, we have friends up in Minnesota ... they're enjoying all that snow! Wish we would get more than the 2 inches they're predicting for us here in Indianapolis! Maybe next time, huh?! I just love the snow! You have a wonderful, and warm, weekend!
    Blessings ~