Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SewTamz Designs - Twice as Nice Giveaway at Iheartfaces!

I've blogged about my sister's fabulous camera straps and camera strap covers in the past.  Wonderful designer fabrics, luxurious plush minky and super padded and durable for that heavy DSLR that you love like your first born child!  Today she launched a giveaway over at my most favorite photo blog of all -- iheartfaces!  You don't get just one but TWO camera strap cover sets (which includes her original and unique dual lens cap sleeve)! Isn't she twice as nice!!! Anyway, don't miss your chance to win...head on over to iheartfaces for all the details!

Good luck and best wishes!



  1. those are pretty and nice.....better than my plain black case:)

  2. Thanks Vic! She has a huge selection on her etsy site! They really are plushy and comfy with the minky fabric...the same stuff they make those really cozy and soft baby blankets. :)