Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Editing Fun | Fix It Friday #81

Another Fix-it Friday!  Such a truly beautiful romantic photo contributed by Michelle Johnson.  Michelle's talent is beyond words.  The SOOC was so perfect that it didn't need much of an edit.  So, the artist in me decided to enhance the romantic mood of the photo.

My edit

Here is the SOOC (see what I mean about Michelle's perfection?! :))

Take a look at all the great edits at

Also, I don't think I really explain well what it is I do and what my passion is...  Take a peek at this article out on Design Aglow.  It really makes a statement of how you can take special photos and really make them a part of you and your home.  This is what I want to help my clients do! Enjoy your weekend!  Back in Florida this week and survived 21 inches of snow and below zero temperatures in Minnesota last week!!!


  1. Is that where you get your name? Because it looks like a real canvas painting with your edit! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks you! I love, love, love your foggy edit!!!

  3. You did enhance the romantic mood. This is timeless and inviting. I'm sure this couple will love it.